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    These are the things that our families need the most right now.

    When you click Buy Now to make your payment, please make sure you write what you want your gift to go to in the message section. This way our team will know exactly who you want your money to help. Thank you!

    £5.25 will provide the ingredients for Parents to cook a healthy meal for their family

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    £4.50 will provide a calcutator for a family to improve their numeracy and budgeting

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    £5.00 will provide a book for a child for Christmas

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    £6.75 will provide toothpaste, shampoo, toothbrushes and soap for a family of 4 moving into temporary accommodation

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    You can buy any of these items for the people we help by clicking Buy Now and using our Virgin Just Giving page.

    Don’t forget to write who you want your gift to help in the message section.

    Thank you, we can only care because you do!


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