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As well as outings our children benefit from the many visitors coming into the nursery. Together these sessions promote the building of confidence, development of speech and language as well as maths skills, encourage physical development and movement as well as personal, social and emotional development and the joy of sharing new experiences with others.

Our visitors have included:

Millers Arc Farm

Millers Arc Farm is a working rare breeds farm that travels around the country giving children the opportunity to have hands on experience with animals such as donkeys, pigs, sheep, ducks etc

Zoo Lab

Zoo Lab is a company specializing in educational programs suitable for all age groups introducing children to creatures normally only read about. During our last visit the children had the rare opportunity to handle exotic animals such as snakes, Spiders, Large African snails, Giant millipedes and lots more

Library Link

Each month we have a planned visit from a Library Link Worker who works with every age group within the nursery. The Library Link Worker visits with an array of exciting and interesting books for the children to explore and share ending with a story telling session.

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