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Starting Nursery And Key Worker Information


We understand how important it is for you and your child to find a nursery provision that can meet your child’s individual needs, provide them with outstanding play, care and education as well as meeting your expectations and suit your family’s needs.

That is why before starting your child at the Nursery we advise you and your child to come and have a look round, meet and chat with our friendly staff team and share experiences with our parents.

During your look around you will meet with our Nursery Manager who will answer any questions you may have. You will be asked to complete a few forms that will give us essential information about your child.

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You will then plan with the Nursery Manager induction dates to suit you and your child.

New covid arrangements for inductions

During the pandemic we can offer a range of inductions to suit your needs:

  • Face to face socially distanced

  • Virtual zoom or team meeting

  • By telephone

We provide a “Getting to know you session” where you can meet your child’s key worker and leave your child with us for a short time.

At the next session we will meet your child by the Nursery door.

We understand that these are challenging times and that some parents may find these restrictions difficult at a time when you may already be nervous about leaving your child in a new setting. We are happy to discuss individual requirements on a case by case basis.


We recognise that all children are different in the way they react to a new environment, and so we encourage parents to stay with their child for short periods of time until both parent and child feels comfortable and confident about being left in nursery, these are called inductions.

We ask that all parents carryout at least two induction sessions (depending on the needs of the parent and child) before the child starts nursery.

1st Induction

The parent and child both attend a pre-planned nursery session (this session normally lasts for 1 hour) during this session the parent and child will play alongside the other children and the key worker will support. Once the child is settled the parent may leave the nursery for a short period of time before the session ends. During this time the child will be engaged in play and reassured of the parent’s return.

2nd Induction

During the second induction the parent will meet with their key worker and settle their child into the play session. After the child has settled the parent may then leave the setting for about an hour (depending on child and parents needs) If the second induction is successful then the child will start nursery on a pre-planned start date.

All children are individual and some children may take longer to settle then others. The Nursery team is experienced and receptive to the children’s needs and in situations where children find it difficult to settle we give lots of reassurance and cuddles and distract children with play. Your child’s key worker will be on hand to give advice on settling in strategies.

For children that find it hard to settle a longer induction period may be required.

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