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At the Roberts Day Nursery we pride ourselves on the security of our children.


To ensure excellent security of our premises all access to the nursery and garden can only be accessed by nursery staff through security coded doors which are supervised at all times. All visitors and parents to the Centre have to report to reception where a member of staff signs the visitor in.

Password System

When a child first starts the nursery, parents are asked to provide a password that is used for authorisation for the collection of children. If the parent is unable to collect the child from nursery then the authorised collector will be asked to show I.D. and will be asked for the child’s password. Children are never released without a password being given.


In order to keep our children safe from harm all Staff, Students and Volunteers that work within the Nursery and Centre go through rigorous checks to ensure their suitability to work with children. These checks are carried out during the recruitment process. Every member of staff has a DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) check and these are updated every three years. Each staff member is also required to sign an annual medical and conviction declaration to ensure that no changes have taken place over the year.

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