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Healthy Eating


We understand how important a healthy lifestyle is for our growing children and that good nutrition plays an essential role in our children’s learning. A well balanced diet and plenty of exercise improves our children’s concentration as well as giving them bags of energy to play and learnIMG_0003.

Our Snacks

The nursery is committed to provide healthy snacks for our children both morning and afternoon prepared by the nursery staff and children. We plan our snack menus by incorporating fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables and tastes and smells.

The snacks that we provide will be;

  • Fresh and eaten on the day of preparation
  • Will not have added salt or sugar
  • Be free from harmful additives and preservatives

We avoid using processed foods in our snacks and a vegetarian option is always available. Your child’s key worker will work closely with you and your child’s individual dietary requirements.

Lunch boxes

To continue our commitment of healthy food for our children we encourage parents to replace chocolate bars with fruit and juice drinks with water.

Snack Times

Not only are snack times opportunities to refuel healthy minds and bodies but it is also a time of learning. Mealtimes provide an excellent opportunity to learn essential social skills such as listening, sharing, talking and independence, as well as motor skills.

During snack times children are encouraged to count the number of children and give out plates and cutlery. They are encouraged to pour their own drinks and help clean up after themselves.

Snack times are social times and so with adult support children are encouraged to talk about their food, where it came from, shape, tastes and texture and to share eating experiences from their own cultures.


Each child at nursery is provided with fresh bottled water that they can access independently at all times. For babies that are unable to access their drinks independently fresh water will be offered every hour.


As part of our curriculum we have included fun and interesting planned food sessions run by our key workers to explore new foods. We feel it is essential that children learn the basics of foods, where it comes from, how to wash and prepare foods and encouraging children to explore different foods.


Weaning can be a difficult and daunting time; We are available for advice and information and have produced Weaning packs to help parents.

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