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  • Volunteer Week 2021

    This year on Volunteer Week, we want to share some of the quotes from our amazing volunteers. They are vital to our organisations and we appreciate every minute of their time they give. Volunteers are so important to everything we do here, please contact us to find out how to get involved.
    We want people from all walks of life helping us run the Roberts Centre. From local people who we have supported to students who have made Portsmouth their home while they study.
    Being a volunteer means so much, not just to our organisation but also the community we all live in. If you want to help your local community please contact us to get involved.
    Volunteers help us keep in touch with all of the people we support, especially when they leave our services to make sure that we did the best we can and that our clients have the support they need moving forward.
    If you are busy during the week or would just prefer to volunteer at the weekend, our Contact Centre is always looking for people to help families connect with each other.

    Contact us to find out more!

    Volunteering with us is a great way to develop new skills and gain experience to further careers in a welcoming environment. If you want to develop a new skill volunteering with us please see Contact us.
    We work with our volunteers to organise programmes where we both gain something important.

    Contact us to plan your volunteering adventure with us today.

    We are always looking for volunteers at the Roberts Centre. Applicants need to be over 18 years old and to demonstrate a commitment to the safeguarding and well-being of the children and adults we support. For further details please enquire at Reception at Crasswell Street or contact Lin Kitchener Tel: 02392 296919 Email:
    ‘I am currently studying Psychology and my time at the Roberts Centre has been great. I volunteer twice a week helping out with the service user involvement lead. This has given me the opportunity to further grow my confidence and skills revolving around how a charity operates. It’s been amazing to meet several people within the charity and talk and learn about what they do. It is encouraging where I am able to complete a task within the charity and be given great feedback from peers as it shows I am doing a good job.’


    ‘The two best things for me about volunteering for the Roberts Centre are the genuinely positive feedback that service users give in exit interviews and the way that volunteers are made to feel valued’


    It’s nice to have the opportunity to be a positive change in the community’


    ‘I retired from the health service after 13 years and on learning about the Roberts Centre I began volunteering at the Saturday Family Contact Centre in 2010 and joined an amazing group of staff and volunteers. It has been a joy to help and I really appreciate the friendliness and skill the team put into enabling fathers and mothers to join with their children to play and chat every Saturday.’


    ‘From volunteering my time I have gained great experience working at the Roberts Centre. It has been the perfect steps forward to my career as a social worker’


    ‘I wanted to gain some experience and get a placement at the Roberts Centre as part of my degree. Due to the pandemic, it was difficult to organise a programme but having met with Lin and Jesse I knew I wanted to work there still. So I am volunteering while I complete my degree. I chose the Roberts Centre because of the variety of support they offer to people in Portsmouth and felt it would be the ideal place to learn how a local charity operates. I’ve been helping with Restart Youth and it is great to see young people involved in designing a service. They are all so grateful for the support offered to them by the Roberts Centre’
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