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  • Science Week

    This week is Science week and the Nursery children are looking forward to taking part in many fun and educational experiments chosen by the Nursery team.

    Take a look at the STEM Activities and experiments the children will be enjoying below;


    Experiment 1 – Rainbow Bricks.

    The Nursery key workers and the children spoke about rainbows and how they are made. Then looking at the picture of a rainbow the children made their own rainbow using coloured bricks.

    Experiment 2 – Rain cloud in a jar.

    The children enjoyed looking at the foam in the water. One said, “It looks like a cloud.” and another said, “It’s soft and fluffy!” Each child had a go at putting the pipette of colour solution into the foam to make the ‘cloud’ rain a different colour.




    Experiment 1 – Make a time capsule.

    The children decorated a time capsule and talked  about how we will hide it and open it in a year to see what has changed over a year. The children included pictures of what they have been doing this year to see and look back on next year.

    Experiment 2 -Catch the Gingerbread Man.

    “Run, Run, Run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me i’m the gingerbread man!”

    The children worked in two teams to design and build a trap for the gingerbread man. One team’s idea was to use Pizza to lure him in then a tall tower would fall on him, trapping him!

    The second team designed a sign to use to lure him into the tent, then they pulled on a string and that would catch him in a net!




    Experiment 1 – Make Fireworks!


    The children discovered what happens to food colouring when it is mixed with oil. Once the coloured drops sink into the oil and water they dissolve creating tiny ‘explosions’ of colour which look like fireworks.

    2 – Tunnel Engineers.

    The Nursery children explored different methods of making tunnels with sticks, dry sand, wet sand and stones.














    Experiment 1 – Colour changing Cabbage Juice.

    The children looked at the red cabbage and then put the cabbage into different jugs of water. They added vinegar to one jug, Bicarbonate soda to another and washing up liquid in the last jug. The watched as the liquids changed colours;

    Vinegar turned Pink.

    Bicarb turned Blue.

    Washing up liquid turned Green!

    Experiment 2 – Slippery Slopes

    The children helped setup the guttering over a tub to catch the liquid they were experimenting with. The children helped pour each of the the liquids down the guttering; Water, Milk and Oil.

    The children discussed how the water stayed clear at the bottom in the tub and spoke about how the water went quickly down the slope very quickly.

    The poured Milk down the slope next and talked about if the liquid would stay clear at the bottom in the tub or if it would change the color of the water. They said the milk flowed the same speed as the water.

    The children then poured oil down the slope, while discussing its speed and what would happen when it reached the bottom on the tub. The children decided the oil poured the slowest and it was different texture to water and milk as the oil looked like bubbled in the milky water!















    Experiment 1 – Magic Milk.

    The children chose a food colouring colour and put a few drops into the milk. Then used a cotton wool ball soaked with coloured washing up liquid placed it into the blow of milk and watched the patterns form. The children said, “It’s mixing,” and, “the colours are mixing green going blue!”

    Experiment 2 – Brain Hats.

    The children used their brains to remember where the matching brains were in the activity.

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