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Developments; ‘Thrive’ funded by the DCMS & the National Lottery.

New developments at the EC Roberts centre!

New Project ‘Thrive’ funded by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) and distributed by The National Lottery Community Fund! We want to thank to the Government for making this possible!

We have been awarded £26k to fund the staff costs and costs of educational activity packs and food distribution for a six month project starting 1st September 2020!

Thrive will be delivered by a variety of key workers to assist parents living in hotels, B & B’s and Temporary accommodation to use tablets, materials and resources supplied by Thrive to improve their Children’s learning and aid parent and child/ children improve confidence and improve their preparedness for joining a school.

Thrive will enable us to continue to distribute art, craft, nappies, baby
wipes, toiletries, food etc on a weekly basis to
those we support and those referred by children’s
services in Hampshire and Portsmouth.

This fund will provide focused educational support in
bubbles and resources to families living in hostels,
B & B’s, Hotels and Temporary accommodation
whilst they await places in a school and to help
catch up with their lost education from being


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