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Mental Wellbeing tips shared over Christmas time.

Check out our Christmas hints and tips and Mental Wellbeing tips shared over Christmas time! If you find any of them useful or have any ideas in relation to each tip yourself, use the hashtag: #ECRCMentalWellbeing

Top Tip no 1 – BUDGET – Plan your budget in advance of the Christmas period and remember to allow not only for presents but for food and travel too. Use Secret Santa for large groups of friends or family so you only have to buy 1 present but everybody gets one. #ECRCMentalWellbeing


Top Tip no 2 – FAMILY – If visiting family causes you unnecessary stress, don’t stay for too long. Communicate with them beforehand to let them know a time you will be available and stick to it. Stay one night instead of a whole weekend. Or choose to visit one part of the family this year and the other part of the family next Christmas. #ECRCMentalWellbeing


Top Tip no 3 – OVERINDULGING – During the Winter months we are less active and there are more opportunities to eat rich foods or drink alcohol. Plan your holidays to include opportunities to be active. Remember you don’t have to eliminate the food and drink from your diet entirely, just be prepared to limit yourself. This will save you money and keep you healthy too! #ECRCMentalWellbeing


– Top Tip no 4 – TAKING ON TOO MUCH – Don’t overcommit yourself at Christmas. Don’t take on more responsibility than you can handle. Let others share the responsibilities of visiting family or preparing Christmas Dinner. Do you have the family over at Christmas? Ask each to prepare a dish for the meal or to contribute to the cost. #ECRCMentalWellbeing


– Top Tip no 5 – LONELINESS – Keep on the lookout for free local activities happening in your community. Tell family or friends that you are feeling lonely so they look out for you or even consider volunteering for a local charity. You may even make new friends! #ECRCMentalWellbeing

– Top Tip no 6 – LOSS – Christmas time often brings back memories of those we have loved and lost. Spend time with supportive people who understand how you are feeling. Accept that this Holiday Season may not be the same and consider starting new traditions to keep their memory alive like giving to their favourite cause or charity. #ECRCMentalWellbeing


– Top Tip no 7 – NEW YEAR –Focus on what went well this year and give yourself credit for it. You don’t need to put unnecessary pressure on yourself by making New Year’s Resolutions. When we always look at what we don’t have, we forget to be grateful for everything we do have! #ECRCMentalWellbeing

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