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  • Supported Housing Service


    Providing housing support to families struggling to improve their lives, focusing on debt, money and household management, neighbourliness and parents. Families are referred to the service by the local authority. The support and accommodation provided is tailored to each family’s needs. Support workers help families break issues down into small manageable steps, so they can see the progress they have made. the scheme houses up to 32 families at any given time and can work with families for up to 2 years until they are ready to take over the tenancy for themselves.

    Read a case study at: Roberts Centre case studies 

    Who is it available to?

    It is available to families in the Portsmouth area. However, families have to be referred to the scheme via a Supported Housing Panel, via Portsmouth City Council Housing Options Department. It is the Supported Housing Panels decision as to whether this accommodation is made available to the family dependant on the referral and support needs identified.

    What is on offer?

    We provide on-going support in 4 main areas to develop skills and behaviours in:
    • Home Management • Budgeting • Parenting • Neighbour Issues

    How does it work?

    The Supported Housing Panel nominates a family onto the scheme. All properties are Portsmouth City Council owned. We take the tenancy and sub let it to the nominated family. The family agree an initial action plan of support and we visit at least once a week and work with the families in developing their skills and behaviours in order to maintain their tenancy independently. We provide support for a minimum of six months up to a maximum of 2 years. The Supported Housing Panel meets every 4 weeks to review progress and when families have demonstrated their ability to maintain a tenancy independently, the tenancy is signed into their name and signed off the scheme.

    What does it cost?

    Nothing to the Service User as the Service is funded by the Government’s Supporting People programme. However, each family will be responsible for rent, Service Charge and all normal utility bills.


    For more information contact Temporary Accommodation Service  – Homeless Support Team

    Alternatively use this link to the Portsmouth City Council web site:

    Supported Housing Annual Report

    The Supported Housing Scheme provides housing support and intensive supported housing to families that are referred through The Supported Housing Panel.

    The Scheme links in with clients living in hostel accommodation that are referred to the scheme to prepare them for living in Portsmouth City Council accommodation that is sublet to those families by The Roberts Centre.  The scheme works with 32 families at any one time.

    Support and accommodation provided is tailored to each family’s needs and wishes.  Support workers help families break issues down into small manageable steps, so they can see the progress they have made.

    “This is my first proper tenancy, I’ve never been able to commit to anything before and now I have learnt to budget and manage my money. I feel like I’ll stay here now, before I could never stay in one place but now I feel settled and confident.”

    “The Service and Support made such a difference to me, I’ve got a flat, can manage money and budget for things, I’m more confident in myself now.”

    “Very confident and will be moving into a new place with my partner soon and feel ready.”

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