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Family Intervention Project

The Family Intervention Project (FIP) service is an intensive service designed for families and single adults with complex needs.

Referrals generally come through Housing and the Anti-Social Behaviour Team, because they are at risk of losing their council tenancy. The key workers take a dedicated approach making sure that clients are being seen between 2-4 times per week, for around 8 months, and are working towards changing behaviour. This is achieved through key workers being assertive around acceptable behaviour and empowering clients to set clear and measurable goals.

A persistent approach is used to ensure that families are given every opportunity to engage with the service. An open and honest approach is also used so that families are fully aware of any consequences that they may face and supported to make necessary changes. During the support the FIP co-ordinates a multi-agency action plan for the family and acts as the lead agency.

Over the last year we have supported 40 families and single adults across Portsmouth and Gosport.

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Who is it available to?

The FIP is available to all families (with at least one child under the age of 18 years) in the Portsmouth and Havant area who are Portsmouth City Council tenants.  (There are smaller FIP projects operating from The Roberts Centre to East Hants, Eastleigh and Gosport – for more information contact the FIP).

Although the majority of referrals received are for families who are causing Anti Social Behaviour and have an associated risk to their tenancy as a result, referrals can also be made for families who have complex problems (and may not be causing ASB) and are in need of intensive support. This may be due to a combination of issues, for example, substance misuse, mental health, domestic abuse, financial pressures, school attendance, parenting difficulties or other problems.

What is on offer?

A Keyworker is allocated to each family to provide intensive support. This focuses primarily on helping families reduce Anti Social Behaviour and includes work on a wide range of issues including neighbour issues, parenting, finances, benefits, home management, education, employment and training. A multi-agency approach is used including regular meetings with families and all other agencies involved.

How does it work?

After a comprehensive assessment is carried out with the family and any other agency who is involved, a multi-agency meeting is organised. This meeting is attended by the family as well as support and enforcement agencies who are involved or could assist in some way. From this, a multi-agency action plan is agreed including all possible consequences if behaviour does not change. Intensive support is provided for the family by their Keyworker following the action plan. At 6 weekly intervals the whole process is reviewed. The FIP can work with a family for 6 months to a year.

What does it cost?

There is no cost to the service user as the project is already funded.

“The service is fantastic so cannot fault it. I just think it is so important that there should be more funding and more people supported by it.”

“It’s made a lot of difference, I know what I’ve got to do and I’m doing it. My mental health is back on track. It’s all been good and we’ve achieved what was needed and I’ve got the skills I needed.”


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