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    What is Adept?

    The Adept project works with parents who have had a child or children placed in the care of the local authority due to neglect.



    The Adept service has been set up to provide 1:1 support for parents who have had a child removed under the category of neglect and are
    going through the court process.

    We encourage you to take some time and make positive changes to your life. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to make these changes; we can support you with that.

    Each Adept programme is uniquely
    tailored to your individual needs and aspirations. At times we all need to make changes to our life.  If you feel ready to accept support to help you make positive changes towards a brighter future.

    “When I was at my wits end I didn’t trust any professionals and I didn’t want their help. My Adept worker helped me to feel like I could face the world again, without their support I would have given up.     – Amber



    If you think this is the type of support you need talk to your Social Worker and ask them to refer you to our service.

    For more information contact Aaron Jell at:

    Read a case study at: Roberts Centre case studies 


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