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  • Tenancy Support

    The Family Tenancy Support Service is here to help you manage your tenancy in the best possible way and to reduce the risk of homelessness. Between April 2015 and March 2016, 86 Families were supported by the service.

    Read a case study at: Roberts Centre case studies 

    Who is it available to?

    It is available to families in the Portsmouth and Havant areas – anyone who is pregnant or has children up to the age of 16 (or 19 if still in full time education). We also support families who have adult dependants that they need to care for. It is not available to Local Authority tenants. We can also support some single people in the Havant area.

    What is on offer?

    We offer information, advice and practical support in many areas. For example:
    budgeting to pay rent and/or arrears, debt management, advice on the court processes, completing housing benefit applications or applying for backdates and other benefits, managing the weekly budget, homemaking skills and developing routines addressing maintenance and repair issues, Sorting out disputes with neighbours, advice on day to day issues involved in raising a family, registering with a GP and advice on other health services available, finding out about jobs and training in the area, settling into the neighbourhood, and lots more!

    How does it work?

    A Tenancy Support Worker will visit you to discuss the help you need. A plan of support will be agreed and you will be visited at home on a weekly basis until you are ready to continue without support. (Usually between 3 – 9 months).

    What does it cost?

    Nothing to the Service User as the Service is funded by the Government’s Supporting People programme.


    Download our FTS Referral form (the information you give us will stay confidential) alternatively contact the Family Tenancy Support Team on 023 9273 0053.

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