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  • Payroll Giving

    Payroll Giving through your salary is a fundraising mechanism which enables employees to donate to charities from pre-taxed earnings, generating regular and reliable income. The donor benefits from immediate tax relief on their gift.

    Example of how Payroll Giving works…..

    • The donor gives £10 a month from pre-taxed income
    • This reduces the amount of income tax that the donor pays by £2.00 each month (or £4.00 for higher rate taxpayers)
    • The actual cost to the donor is £8.00
    • The Roberts Centre receives £10

    If your employer does not already operate payroll giving, please let us know and we will try to initiate a scheme.
    Major international charity Head of Income said “For too long the benefits of Payroll Giving have been hidden from view. If we raise the profile of Payroll Giving just a notch in the UK, we can make an even bigger difference to the lives of millions blighted by poverty and suffering”.

    Alternatively donations can be made directly to our internet bank account.

    Please complete the gift aid declaration.

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