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“They are kind, nice and funny! I really like them.” – Contact child feedback

In society, Many Families become separated, which leads to challenges regarding co – parenting and child contact. In 2020 we will have been providing child contact services for 25 years in Portsmouth.

We provide a safe and neutral environment in Portsmouth for children to see their non-resident family members. We are a child-focused neutral service, which puts the needs of the children first. Contact Centres can be useful as a facility for maintaining contact between the child and non–resident family member whilst a longer term solution is established.



  • The Child Contact Centre is a place where children living with one parent can meet the parent they do not live with in a safe comfortable environment. Research tells us that children have better outcomes when they have contact with their non-resident parent.

  • Contact Workers incorporate the role of contact support workers where requested and the aim is to encourage a deeper relationship between the child and the contact parent by aiding communication around the child’s interests therefore reducing stress and conflict.

  • The Child Contact Centre is run by a team of trained staff and volunteers whose primary role is to help parents make sure their child’s contact experience is positive.

  • The most important people in the Child Contact Centre are the children.

  • We are an Accredited member of the National Association of Child Contact Centres.

*Please note that we do not give verbal or written reports or feedback. Any child protection concerns will be referred to the Social Services in accordance with our Child Protection Policy.




Child Contact Service Annual Report 

The Roberts Centre Child Contact Service continues to be an Enhanced Accredited Contact Centre with the National Association of Child Contact Centres (NACCC).  We provide safe contact in Portsmouth in order to introduce or re-introduce contact between children and their non-resident parents or other family members.

Every weekend we deliver supported contact to families in Portsmouth.  There is a one-off referral fee for supported contact and then access to this service is free to families for as long as they need it. We provide 156 sessions of Supported contact each year.

Supervised Child contact provides closely supervised, individual family contact sessions.

Our Contact Centre offers a range of services including supervised, supported, preparation for direct and in-direct contact and handovers

Customer comments

“You have been brilliant. Always so polite and welcoming and are always thinking what is best for my child and she is very happy going to the centre.”

“The staff at supported make you feel really welcome and are willing to help and provide you with anything you ask, and they make great tea.”

“A big heartfelt thank you for making our supervised contact fun, enjoyable and special and for being non-judgmental through a very difficult time for me.”

“Thank you so much for your support, it’s taken 4 years but we’ve finally done it and moving on, thank you again.”

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