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  • About Us

    During this challenging time The Roberts Centre is continuing to provide  

    Services offered by the Roberts Centre:

    The Supported Housing Scheme & Intensive Supported Housing

    Temporary Accommodation Service for homeless families

    Family Tenancy Support for those in danger of homelessness

    Family and Adult Intervention Project for those engaging in anti-social behaviour

    Circle of Support to assist those using food banks to get back to being able to cope

    Child Contact Centre for non-resident parents, family to have contact with their children

    The Boost Project – on-going support to care leavers until they are 25 yrs

    Boost + – Care Leavers Supported Housing service

    Supervised Child Contact in Portsmouth

    Roberts Day Nursery

    The Holiday Play scheme for children in temporary accommodation every school holiday

    Taste’s Great Cookery School – teaching people to cook fresh food


    We are an organisation with a reputation for developing innovative responses to families who are struggling to improve their family’s difficult circumstances whether from homelessness or family breakdown.

    Having no home is the tip of the iceberg; we are continuously improving and developing innovative responses to work with families who are struggling to improve their family’s difficult circumstances. Together, we help families tackle the underlying and often complex issues which surround homelessness, in practice giving people the skills to manage their money, home and children. Issues such as debt, parenting difficulties, co-parenting, managing money, lifestyle changes, mental health and learning difficulties, low educational attainment and aspiration are all key areas in which we seek to actively make a difference and achieve a positive outcome.

    There is a particular emphasis on meeting the needs of the children who are often the casualties of their family’s plight.

    Our objectives are broadly:

    • to support families to enable them to provide the very best outcomes for their children

    • to support families in need

    • to support families who are suffering from the impact of relationship breakdown

    • to provide evolving pathways for families striving to improve their families circumstances

    • to form a partnership with our families and work with them to ensure the best possible outcome

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